Amin Saleh

Amin Saleh is a Bahraini writer born in Manama in 1950. He has a large number of works in various fields of art from poetry to short stories, theater and novels. He has written more than twenty screenplay scripts for television series, and seven scripts for film dramas. It is said that he wrote the scenario and script of the first feature film in Bahrain in 1990, entitled Al Hajez (The Barrier). As a result of his passion for world cinema, he translated a large number of books on cinema into Arabic, such as Amos Vogel's Film as a Subversive Art, Andrei Tarkovsky Sculpting in Time, Conversations with Fellini and others. Among his works are: Nudamaa al Marfaa, Nudamaa al Reeh (Harbor Companions, Wind Companions), Wa al Manazel allaty Abharat Aydan (And the Houses that also Sailed), Wa Shamalan, ela Bayt Yahenn ela Al Janoob (To the North, Where a House Yearns for the South). His works were collected until 2014 in two volumes entitled Thalathat Ashr Baban Maftoohan ala Mada Musayyaj bil Ghoyoom (Thirteen Open Doors over a Cloud fenced Roof).
Books Translated by this Author