Hani El Salmmi

A Palestinian writer holding a Bachelor of Science from Al-Azhar University, a member of the Palestinian Writers' Union, has received local and Arab Awards, and numerous awards in children's literature. He has published: a story for children entitled The Mystery of the Scent (Sirr al Raeiha) and When Hind’s Face Disappeared (Endama Ikhtafa Wajh Hind) and the children's book A Shadow dances with Me (Al Thil Yarqos Maei). Al Salmi is a trainer for creative writing at community institutions. He is considered the best young novelist in the A M Qattan Foundation award for his novel Scar (Al Nadba) in 2007 and the novel This Bullet I Like It (Hatha Al Rasas Ohibouho) in 2011.
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